Rebecca Castellano

Rebecca Som Castellano

Rebecca Som Castellano received her BA from Western Washington University in 2002 with a self designed major titled "Social Change, Sustainability, and Renewable Food Production." She worked for the following five years in various activities including community garden access and farmers' market management. She received her MA in Sociology from the University of Kentucky in 2009, where her research culminated in a thesis titled "School Lunch Programs and the American Diet: Exploring a Contested Food Terrain." As an IPPRS Fellow, Rebecca has completed her coursework and candidacy exams.  She also recently completed an internship with the Ohio Department of Agriculture's Sustainable Agriculture Program where she compiled a report documenting best practices in Ohio and across the United States addressing healthy food access.  This report was utilized by the Ohio Food Policy Council.  She also assisted in promoting a new initiative, Ohio Neighborhood Harvest.  She is currently working on her dissertation research. 



Schupp, J. and R. Som Castellano.  "Bursting the Local Foods Bubble?  An Examination of Potential Obstacles Facing Food System Localization."  Paper presented at the Rural Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Madison, WI.  August 2010.

Som Castellano, R. "Examining the Immigrant Experience in the School Food Environment."  Agriculture, Food and Human Values Conference, Bloomington, IN.  June 2010.

To learn more about Rebecca's accomplishments, visit her curriculum vitae.